PREVIOUS NOTE – The activity that is contracted is classified in the field of active tourism and adventure sports, there exists a potential risk derived from the activity’s own nature.  The client assumes the existence of this risk in the contract.  The guides and technicians have the adequate preparation and experience for the activities carried out. From following their instructions and directions depend, in great part, the safety during the activity.

  1. To participate in the aquatic activities is essential to be able to swim. Under age persons must have an authorisation or be accompanied by a responsible person.
  2. The client has the obligation of informing on possible pregnancy, paraplegia or heart illness, allergies or any other type of condition, before contracting any activity.  Likewise, be committed not to be under the influence alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect his/her capacity of reaction.
  3. The activities offered are subject to the conditions of the environment in which are developed and the participants, therefore, changes may occur before or even during the activity (weather, sudden changes in the sea, physical problems in the participants, etc.)
  4. Participants must follow the instructions of the leader-guide at all times.
  5. Before the start of the activity, the leader-guide will do an extensive explanation of the safety rules and kayak navigation; the activity will not start until all the participants understand all the concepts.
  6. The participant must have clear that, in case of accident and the cause of the accident being the transgression of rules and instructions provided by the leader-guide, the organising company will not be responsible for any damage the participant may have caused, whether it is private property, third party or themselves.
  7. The participant will take care at all times of the material provided by the organisation to carry out the activity.  If intention is observed at the time of producing the damage, these would be charged to the offender.
  8. It is necessary that the participant is aware that he/she is not taking part on a competition, but rather a sport-touristic activity. Depending on the assessment of the participants’ abilities, the guide will lead the activity accordingly, as well as set up breaks in order to enjoy the wonderful surroundings and/or to rest.
  9. To book the activity you will have to pay 20 € per person by transfer to the account ES06 0182 3216 6102 0155 2151. Remember that before paying your reservation you must contact us to check availability and you will have a deadline and 24 hours to pay the amount Of the reserve, after this deadline, the canceled pre-reservation will be considered.
  10. In case of cancellation up to two days before (48 hours) of the activity, the amount of the reservation will be refunded in full. This amount will not be refunded if it is canceled within 48 hours prior to the start of the activity.
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